Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A long weekend

Yesterday was a public (bank) holiday, Queens Birthday, so we had a long weekend. Unfortunately it was gray and drizzly or gray and wet most of the time. No-one came to either of the two open homes that we had on Saturday and Sunday, which was a bit depressing to say the least. The real estate agent assured us it was the same everywhere else, but it still is a bit of a worry when we get the keys (and the mortgage) to our new house on Friday!

So when Monday rolled around and I finally managed to prise the hubby out of bed (he is one that could sleep all morning if he had a chance, I just don't get it!). And before the kids started fighting I declared we were going to the beach, even though it did not look like beach weather. We packed our coats and gumboots, and took some sausages and bread to have a bbq lunch. Amazingly as we arrived at Rabbit Island (which is only 10 mins drive away) I spied some blue amongst the gray, and by the time we were out of the car the sun was shining.

The pied oystercatcher didn't look please to see us!
Gorgeous, I felt my mood improve instantly. I had an utilitarian motive with the trip as with all the storms we have been having I knew there would be lots of driftwood, and there was, but it was hard to find what I was looking for. I collect wood that has been through the sawmill, then through the river and sea, so I want it to be battered, and suitable for painting on. So Miss L and I set off on the wood gathering walk, while the boys looked for firewood for the bbq. I did ask why we just didn't bring some from home, as it all looked quite soggy to me.
Walking towards Mapua
I found a few bits of suitable wood, and as the hunger pangs started and we were about to turn and walk back, Miss L spied a hut. There are a few of these makeshift driftwood huts along the beach, but this was the most elaborate we had ever seen. I think a few people must have contributed to it's construction.

The hut

Inside was a rope for a swing, so what's a girl to do, while her mum clicks away. It was magical.

When we got back to the car and the boys, they were throwing a rugby ball around and wondered why our walk had taken so long! Also they had failed to get the fire in the bbq going, so we went to plan B, which was to drive to one of the gas bbqs and use that. But that was thwarted by the fact the council had decided that as it was winter the bbq season was over and had removed the free gas. So onto Plan C, which was to for the kids to have their sausages at a friends place, but first I needed dropping off in Mapua at the art exhibition the art group was having. So I ended up having a soggy pie from the shop for lunch!

I was very happy to sell two of my paintings at the exhibition, and I also managed to get 2nd place in the people's choice for voting for the painting the public liked best. After I'd help pack up the exhibition and count the votes, hubby collected me up and we went back to the friend's house, where the kids had all had a great afternoon, for roast beef dinner, yummy! The hubby had even managed to wangle a few hours of kids free time while I was on exhibition watch, by leaving the kids with our friend, and going home for a bike ride!  And he did make a delicious apple crumble.  So not a bad way to end a long weekend.

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