Thursday, June 30, 2011

Frog Art

Time for some of my actual "art" on this blog! I am doing a wee bit at the moment, just not enough - I am going to have to get my "A into G" (see footnote) and get producing soon, as have quite a few exhibitions coming up in the next 2 months. Starting with the New Zealand Art Show, which I have to courier three paintings to Wellington next week. I have two done, though one needs putting in a frame but the third I only started yesterday. Nothing like the pressure of a deadline!

Last week I couriered a wee canvas (8x8) off to the Left Bank Art Gallery in Greymouth. This is the second year that they have held a Canvas Project Fundraiser. Artists donate their paintings and they sell tickets for $100, and on the night they draw everyone's name and match with an artwork. It's a lucky dip and apparently there is a bit of swapping that goes on afterwards!

For this year's canvas I decided on a frog image as my starting point.

After underpainting the canvas, I collaged on the magazine images, then I painted over it, and topped it off with a coat of clear gel.

And then I had to come up with a title, and "Frog It" was what popped out first!

Footnote: "A into G" must be a Kiwi saying, as one of my English friends looked very blankly at me when I used it once. It's short for arse into gear, and was one of my mum's favourites!

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