Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still here ......

Well it's April, and daylight savings has just ended, the days are shorter, and the nights are cooler - but we are still having lovely hot days, the kind you need to have two separate changes of clothes in one day. I've been busy not blogging! or painting!!! My excuse is that we've put the house on the market, and as we have had an offer accepted on another property that is conditional on selling this one in a VERY short time, it's all go. I had to shift mountains of stuff to the shed and garage, clean, get the painter and window cleaner in, garden, etc. But it's been worth all the hard work, the house looks so amazing I wonder why we are going to leave it after 6 years.
The "retro" sitting room

china cabinet in the hall, that's one of my paintings

sideboard made by hubby, paintings are not mine!

old trunk on veranda

quinces from our tree
Another open home today, so more cleaning required! This week I NEED to get a painting finished for the autumn exhibition at the Suter, plus get it framed. I've finished at the gallery, so no more Art@203 for me. So I will be disciplined and paint Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. No excuses!

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  1. hello sally! thanks for visiting my blog. yes huge fan of bretty and jemaine and of NZ - one of my favourite travel destinations, can't wait to go back. when you move may i have your collection of mid century ceramics please, looks amazing! painting deadlines and moving plans, sounds busy. i wish you luck with both. francesca