Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why art-a-musings?

One of the hardest things about starting a blog (apart from general procrastination) is the name. I thought of one the other day in the shower; "musings from the shower door". But it sounded more like porn than anything to do with art. So going with the musing theme I added art, but "art-musing" was already taken, so added the "a" and instantly liked the play on words. Hopefully I am able to be amusing sometimes as I'm musing. Back to the shower door, the original reason for that is my morning shower seems to be one of my most creative times, somehow I manage not to think or worry about the day ahead, but actually some quirky or creative things pop into my head and I find myself scribbling away on the shower door. Often after my shower I have to go towel-clad and dripping into my studio next door and find a pencil and piece of paper and scribble that thought down before it vanishes with the morning routine of breakfast and getting kids ready for school. And I've added "art" because that is one of the aims of me actually blogging is to talk about my art, something I find very hard to do.

Found some photos of Charlie, one with his face in a blackberry bush at the river. I thought I had some of him hopping across the rocks which go across the swimming hole, but couldn't find them, must have always thought there'd be another time to take those photos. The photo of him looking most handsome is at Rabbit Island where we took him a couple of times, dogs are not allowed at Rabbit Island so it's actually quite a safe place to take a goat for a walk, but we would often come across a dog. At the river there were lots of dogs, which would mean we'd have to get Charlie back on his lead as quickly as possible when one came around the corner. I was never sure who would come off worse in the dog/goat encounter. I think as long as it was not a pig(hunting) dog Charlie would win hands down! Charlie is now a farm goat and doesn't get to go for rides in the car to the river or the beach anymore. Actually he's now far to big to do so, but we all miss him and have happy memories of the 2 months he lived on the hill beside our house.

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